Revolution Plus for Cats

Revolution Plus for Cats protects your cat from SIX harmful parasites - and you save money buying it online!

Your cat or kitten needs to be protected from parasites like fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworm and hookworm - and you want to give them the best protection, at a reasonable price!  Even indoor cats need protection - pests can make their way inside and onto your pet on clothes, shoes or other animals, or through windows and doors.

Question: What gives your cat:

  • The best protection
  • Something that is easy to give to your cat; and
  • Saves you money?

Revolution Plus for Cats is the answer, and you can save up to 60% off RRP when you buy Revolution Plus for Cats  online from the vets at!!

Revolution Plus For Cats- CanadaVet

Revolution Plus for Cats is 6-in-1 protection against fleas, ticks and mites, heartworms, hookworms and roundworms.

Revolution has long been a trusted name in protection for animals.  And now, the unique dual action formula of Revolution Plus for Cats gives protection against 6 parasites, is twice as tough on fleas and mites, and offers broader protection against ticks and against heartworm, roundworm and hookworm.

  • Revolution Plus for Cats kills adult fleas, eggs and larvae.  You may not know, but the fleas on your cat are just a small part of the problem, if your cat has fleas!  About 95% of fleas are in your cat’s environment - if your cat has fleas, there are eggs, larvae and more fleas in your cat’s everyday indoor and outdoor living environments.  These fleas might also be biting you - and not only is that very uncomfortable, it can spread diseases!  The Revolution Plus for Cats active ingredients are absorbed in your cat’s bloodstream - this kills fleas on your cat within hours.  But the active ingredients are then absorbed into your cat’s skin and fur, meaning as your cat moults,  the fur comes in contact with fleas, eggs and larvae in the cat’s environment and kills them!  All this means that your cat is more comfortable, and fleas are eradicated in and around the home, as reinfestation is stopped.  And, when your cat isn’t being bitten by fleas, flea allergy dermatitis is controlled, bringing great relief to cats and their owners!  
  • Ticks are also killed before toxicity takes hold - Revolution Plus for Cats is effective against deer tick (also known as black-legged tick), American dog tick and Gulf Coast tick.
  • Ear mites are widespread, and highly contagious between pets.  They can cause nasty pain and inflammation of the external ear, an unpleasant odour, and a dark waxy discharge.  If left untreated, ear mites can lead to serious ear disease affecting hearing and balance.
  • Heartworm starts with a single bite from an infected mosquito, and heartworm disease can lead to sudden death.  With constant protection from Revolution Plus for Cats, your cat is protected from developing this dreadful disease.
  • Intestinal worms (hookworms and roundworms) - these intestinal worms can lead to serious health complications for your cat.
    Revolution Plus For Cats


Revolution Plus for Cats is easy to use on your cat

Complicated, messy and unpalatable cat medicines are no fun - for you or for your fur baby!  Revolution Plus is simple to apply “spot on” medicine - it is absorbed through the cat’s skin and fur to protect them.  A small amount of liquid is applied at the base of the neck.  It is quick drying, meaning no oily residue left on your cat or your hands. and this small topical treatment gives your cat the protection he needs - without hassle for you!

Buy Revolution Plus for Cats online and save!

When you buy Revolution Plus for Cats online without a prescription from the veterinarian team, you can be confident that you’re getting genuine products, labelled in English with the longest expiry dates possible.  We wouldn’t sell anything that we don’t use on our own pets!

You also save money when you buy Revolution Plus for Cats online from Because we operate over the internet ,we offer great savings. Most of our products are between 30 and 60 percent less than the recommended retail price in the USA.  

Read more about CanadaVet’s promise to you here, and enjoy our great savings on Revolution Plus for Cats! And if you don’t know what you want, or you need some advice on what’s appropriate for your cat, just contact us for helpful advice from our award winning Customer Service Team!