5 Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

It's almost time to let the Christmas celebrations begin! Before you pop open the champagne and start feasting on the Christmas turkey, it is important to make sure your pet is safe from all the festive dangers that surround our beloved animal's this time of the year. Follow these simple tips below to help avoid any unwanted disasters this holiday season!



A Safe Gift is a Good Gift

Pet owners should be aware of the risks before purchasing their pet any toys this Christmas. There are a number of things to steer clear of when finding that perfect present for your furry friend and although the packaging might suggest the toy is safe, it may in fact cause your pet harm. 

If you have a pet that likes to chew and tear things then stuffed toys can be dangerous.

If the product has buttons, eyes or other small parts then they will easily become detached and could cause your pet to swallow or choke on them.

An obstruction in the intestinal system could end up costing thousands of dollars in medical treatment or even worse your friend's life. Take time to read product information on the toy or packaging before making a selection to check the material used is safe, free from toxic chemicals and won't harm animals.

CanadaVet.com has a whole range of harmless toys to help you safely fill your pets stocking this Christmas.


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Deck the Halls with Safe Decorations

Tinsel, lights and ribbons brighten up our homes at Christmas, but festive decorations also have a darker side that can pose a threat to your pet's safety. Curious canines and cats can be at risk of choking, intestinal blockages, electric shocks and cuts on their legs and paws.

Keep all dangerous items well out of reach and a close eye on the areas your pet is playing, so there is no chance they can get their paws on anything harmful.

Even Christmas trees are a hazard, if pets consume pine needles they can become sick with vomiting and diarrhoea. It's also important to be cautious of what presents you leave wrapped under the tree.

Dogs can be known to chew through wrapping paper and polish off boxes of chocolates and other harmful gifts that have been left lying around.

Make sure you pet-proof your home and keep your pets well supervised throughout the holiday season to avoid any animals ending up sick or injured.


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Snug as a Bug in a Christmas Rug

We all love a white Christmas, however snow also brings icy weather which means it's time for you and your pets to start dressing warm. Pets can also feel the winter chill and a warm coat and place to sleep can help them stay comfortable in freezing temperatures.

There are dog coats designed for every weather condition that will help furry friends stay snuggly.

If your pet sleeps outdoors make sure they have a good kennel to keep them out of the rain and wind.

Try adding some warm blankets for extra warmth on very cold nights.

Remember to stay on safety alert during the holiday season, especially with the use of different electrical devices and fires commonly being used to stay warm.

Devices such as heaters make great winter accessories however they can be very dangerous when pets are around. There is an added risk that they could chew through the electrical cords so it is important that pets are supervised at all times.


Snug As A Dog In A Rug

Avoid a Seasons Greeting from Unwanted Parasites

With all the festive celebrations going on, it can be easy to forget about protecting your pet from unwanted parasites. It is however, important to remain vigilant against fleas and worms despite the cooler weather.

Many infestations of worms and fleas occur in the beginning from pet owners relaxing with prevention measures, during the cooler weather, wrongly believing the parasite is less prevalent.

What pet owners are unaware of is that a warm, heated home actually provides the ideal environment for fleas to breed, enabling them to complete their full lifecycle from eggs to adulthood in as little as 2 weeks.

It is very important to combat fleas at all life stages; breaking the cycle to prevent re-infestation, which means keeping pets protected and using an effective flea control product even in the colder months. Worm control is also a must which makes products like Advocate ideal as it will protect your pet from both parasites with one easy dose.


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Pet-Friendly Feasting for Fido

Owners need to be aware of the festive treats that their pets are eating.

A number of foods that are found on the table at this time of the year can be very dangerous to our pets. Leftover fat and other various fatty foods can cause pancreatitis, a very serious and occasionally fatal disease.

Bones also seem to be a favorite among pets, however it is important to keep turkey and ham bones right away. These bones can splinter and become lodged in an animal’s throat or intestine as well as cause severe constipation.

Another food danger at Christmas is turkey stuffing, chemical thiosulphate can often be found in turkey stuffing, which is made up of onions and garlic. This chemical can cause a pet’s red blood cells to weaken and even rupture.

With all the food dangers that your pet may be faced with, it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on indulging in any special treats altogether; purchase a few dog treats or cat treats so they can safely enjoy a feast too.

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