Why Take Care of Your Dog’s Joint Health with 4CYTE

Does your dog have trouble standing up? Maybe your dog isn’t excited for walks anymore or you’ve noticed discomfort while they try to walk around the house. So, when times like these happen, joint health issues become crucial.

There are numerous joint health issues that arise in large breed and aging dogs. We have hip dysplasia, joint pain, and osteoarthritis, which need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

As a responsible fur parent, looking after your pet’s health is crucial. Identifying symptoms helps avoid serious joint health problems. And aside from looking out for symptoms to arise, you can also help in preventing joint issues. 

Joint supplements like 4CYTE vitamins for joints, and also educational articles on joint care are available and within your reach. To help you take care of your dog’s joint health, we’ve created this comprehensive write-up to give you the tips and information you need.

What are Joints and Why Is Joint Care Important?

Joints are responsible for our dog’s movement. They act as protective padding between bones so dogs can move with ease. Joints prevent bones from rubbing into each other which makes jumping, running, and even walking easier. Without joints, we can’t expect our bones to retain their structure and function without damaging our bodies. That’s why joints are important and we must take good care of them. 

Just like us humans, dogs can also suffer from joint health issues. Age, genetics, accidents, and surgery can affect joint health. Hence, giving proper care to the joints becomes a crucial part of our dog’s overall health.

Six Effective Tips to Help Maintain Your Dog’s Joint Health

Create a healthy diet for your pets.

Our dog's food intake plays a vital role in achieving good health. To keep them happy, healthy, and active for as long as possible your dog's diet is important and should contain the right balance of proteins, fats, and oils, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and water.  

Make exercise routines for your dogs.

We all know that there are a wide variety of dog breeds. Ranging from the small ones up to the giant yet adorable dog breeds, exercise is an important factor to improve health status. However, with dogs that are already experiencing joint health issues like arthritis or dysplasia, physical activity should be kept to a minimum. Elderly dogs can’t play fetch as much as they used to and long walks just aren’t fun anymore. But, you can still have exercise routines that are low impact yet help them improve their joints. Walk them every morning, go swimming, and play indoors. There are a lot of activities you can still do for them to enjoy life.

Choose the best joint health supplement.

Aside from a healthy diet, taking joint supplements can help them improve their overall health and keep those joints on point. They can take it as a preventive measure to avoid joint issues or as a supplement while recovering from acquired joint problems and surgeries.

Invest in pet ramps and specialized stairs.

If your pets are suffering from joint pain and other issues, invest in a good pet ramp or pet stairs to reduce the strain they get from daily activities. While it is normal for them to jump around and play, avoid letting them jump too much. We want to reduce the strain of their everyday activities to improve their joint health.

Reduce your dog’s weight.

Weight plays a vital role in affecting a dog’s chances of getting joint issues. If they weigh more than they should, it creates pressure on their bones causing them to rub together. Also, if the bones are squeezed together, it increases friction that can potentially lead to more serious joint strains. Ask your trusted veterinarians on how to reduce your dog’s weight and keep their figure.

Use rugs and carpets.

Aside from using ramps and stairs to ease your dog’s joint problems, you can also use rugs and carpets in your home. This will keep them from slipping on the floor and avoiding accidents. 

If you’re looking for effective joint health supplements for your adorable dogs, 4CYTE is a great choice! Learn more about this amazing product manufactured by Interpath below.

4CYTE: The Best Canine Joint Health Supplement

What is 4CYTE?

4CYTE is a specially formulated joint treatment for dogs. Interpath (manufacturer), powers this product with an active ingredient called Epiitalis. This is scientifically proven to repair damaged joints affected by age, injury, and arthritis. Also, it’s supported by world-class research and development so it guarantees its effectiveness.

4CYTE Canine is a premium daily joint supplement used to aid and actively maintain joint health. Plus, it suppresses anti-inflammatory chemicals that are responsible for poor joint function and pain.

The active ingredient in 4CYTE can:

  • Stimulate healthy cartilage production.

  • Repair damaged joints.

  • Suppress anti-inflammatory chemicals responsible for poor joint function and pain.

Why Choose 4CYTE Canine Joint Treatment for Dogs?

  • Guarantees safety for dogs to take for the long-term. Rest easy that you can use this as a proactive measure to improve your dog’s joint health.

  • Provides recommended joint supplements after injury or surgery.

  • Contains Epiitalis, a unique plant oil extract, patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells for cartilage regeneration.

  • Promotes healthy joints for your pets. Once your pets have healthy joints, this can lead to a happier life, prevent potential joint issues, and avoid discomfort.

Whether you have a puppy or an aging dog, choosing the right joint supplement is very important. That’s why CanadaVet makes sure to offer trusted brands that will provide optimum health for your adorable pets. Buy 4CYTE Canine Joint Supplement today and let your pets enjoy life to the fullest. Get the canine joint supplement here!