Halloween 2019 - The CanadaVet staff pick their favourite pet costumes!

We went around the CanadaVet office and asked the staff to pick their favourite pet costumes for your viewing pleasure! Here are the top choices for 2019!


Dr. Mark went with a classic choice for his pick of Halloween costumes for pets. Elvis is in the building everybody!


Steven says these costumes that make dogs look like they are carrying something are so creative and have always been his favourite.


A simple witches hat just won't do for Naomi. She wants her pet Halloween costumes to really make her laugh. And frolicking daschunds dressed as hot dogs does the job!



Doggy-daddy Kristian picked this poop factory costume as his favourite. Are you trying to tell your dog something Kristian?


Arrr there'll be no need to walk the plank if your Halloween costume is this cute!



Staffy lover Vicki picked a costume idea that is great for pets that aren't a fan of wearing a full outfit. Turn your dark-furred dog into a spooky skeleton with a bit of pet-safe paint just like Instagram staffy stars Darren and Phillip did in 2015.


Michele picked another creative costume that can easily be attached to a harness or collar. Great for those dogs that will last 2 seconds in a costume before tearing it to shreds!


Proud pug mum Ally picked a bat pug dog costume as her pick this Halloween.


German Shepherd mum Carolyn had a hard time picking her favourite costume but settled on this hilarious number. Mira a este chico guapo!


As one of the few cat mothers in the office, Sophia couldn't go past this classic cat costume, because taco cat spelt backwards is taco cat.

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Kahli is another daschund fan and the most famous daschunds around are Crusoe and his brother Oakley who are renowned for their amazing costumes. Don't they look amazing as Bat Dog and Robin?


Brigitta's Halloween costume pick is this adorable black kitten in bat wings with tiny little fangs! C-U-T-E!


Alana picked this adorable Puli dog who was very happy to be wheeled around in his mop bucket costume! Genius!


Kerry chose the most adorable dog who is all dressed up as a panda!


Laura's pick was this hilarious costume where the cowboy looks like he is holding on for dear life on this cute corgi!


Another cat fan, Barbara chose this iconic kitty costume, because we all know this is what cat's think they actually look like!
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