Honouring working dogs on Labour Day

Labour Day is all about enjoying an extra day off work and remembering those who fought for workers rights. But, we shouldn't forget to honour man's best friend, who has been working tirelessly alongside him for many years. So here is a post in honour of working dogs everywhere.

Photo credit: Caleb Fisher via Unsplash

Search and rescue dogs

Search and rescue dogs are highly trained animals with a very important job. In times of crisis, these dogs are brought to locations where disasters have taken place to search for survivors who may be trapped or lost in the wilderness. Some dogs can follow the trail of scent left by a human along the ground. Others can smell the scent on the air. Some can even smell people under water or under 15 feet of snow!

Photo credit: Bob Haarmans via Flickr

Detection dogs

Detection or sniffer dogs work in a variety of industries searching for everything from explosives and drugs, to money and electronics. Some dogs are even used to sniff out invasive species so they can be destroyed or the feces of other animals which can then be collected and analysed.
Explosive detection dog Nero works with his handler Canine Handler Master at Arms 1st Class Mark A. Taylor.
U.S Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Casey R. Hutchens
Photo credit: Marion Doss via Flickr

Working dogs

Working, herding or farming dogs were one of the first areas dogs started to work alongside humans. Border Collies, Kelpies, Australian Cattle dogs or Koolies are among the most popular breeds to work in this industry. Competitive herding or sheepdog trials are competitions where dogs herd animals around a field as directed by their handlers. As well as herding, dogs are also used to guard livestock from attacks by predators such as wolves.

Photo credit: William Milliot via Unsplash

Military and police dogs

Dogs working in the military and with the police undertake a variety of roles including search and rescue, drug detection and even work as patrol dogs who chase criminals or attack those who threaten police officers. Some military and police dogs undergo intense training to learn how to work in extreme conditions such as during gun battles and some dogs even learn how to jump out of a plane and parachute to the ground with their handler. How incredible is that?!

Photo credit: Altino Dantas via Unsplash

Service dogs

Service dogs are incredible animals that are selected for their high intelligence and calm nature to help out humans who may have sight, hearing or other difficulties. Guide dogs are probably the most well-known kind of service dog, but did you know there are also service dogs for people who are hard of hearing or deaf? Mobility dogs help people to walk who may be unsteady on their feet. Medic alert dogs are trained to alert their owner before or during a medical incident such as a seizure or when their blood sugar levels get too high or low. And some amazing dogs work with people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and help to calm their owner down when they become distressed.

Photo credit: FirstAmerican via Flickr

Other Kinds of Working Dogs

There are SO many types of working dogs as well as the amazing ones we have listed above. Can you think of any we have missed? List them in the comments below!