7 tips for taking the best photo of your pet this #WorldPhotoDay

The 19th of August 2019 is World Photo Day and to celebrate here are our top 7 tips for taking the best photos of your pet.


1. Timing is everything

If you want action shots of your pet, 5 minutes before their usual bedtime is probably not the best time to try and capture their more energetic side. Instead, snap some shots before you head out on your walk with your dog or before you typically have playtime with your cat. Bedtime or after a big play is the best time to capture your pet at rest.

2. Give your pet time to get used to the camera

Both cats and dogs can be a bit unnerved by the presence of a phone or camera in their face, not to mention the strange noises these devices can often make. Before you go in for their closeup, let your cat or dog sniff your phone or camera to show them it isn't a threat.

3. Get snap happy!

The more pictures you take the greater the chance is that one or more of them will turn out to be amazing! This is a trick many professional photographers use so why not follow their lead and just keep snapping! Just be sure you have a full phone battery or spare battery on standby for your camera. Most smartphone cameras these days have burst mode which takes a series of shots in quick succession. Ideal for capturing animals in action!

4. Natural is best

Using a flash can make your pictures and subject, in this case, your cat or dog, look washed out. Natural sunlight is best so get outside or throw open those curtains and be sure to have the light positioned behind you so it is shining right onto your pet. If you do need to use a flash, professional photographers recommend using an off-camera flash that is pointed so that the light bounces off the ceiling giving off a natural glow.

5. Show your pets best side

Getting down to your pet's level can provide a unique angle and really show off their features and personality. Lie down on your stomach or crouch right down to get those interesting angles.

6. Don't ignore the background

Background is an important consideration some people often forget about. When lining up your shot, take a quick look at what will appear in the background of your photo. Is it your dirty washing? A pile of fresh dog poo?

You should also try and set up your photo so that the background is complementary to your pet. That means if your pet has dark fur, you should position them in front of a lighter background to make them stand out more. The reverse is true for lighter colored pets. A simple background like a beach or green trees often works best.

7. Smile for the camera!

Getting your dog or cat's attention can sometimes be the hardest part of the whole process! Once they get sick of you calling their name, hold up their favorite toy or treat to draw their attention, but don't forget to reward them with a quick play or snack when they turn their attention to you. Check out our range of dog toys and Greenies treats for cats and dogs for some inspiration.

Your dog doesn't have to be looking directly at the camera for every shot either. Snap a couple of pictures of them looking thoughtfully off into the distance for a more serious photo.

Share your tips for taking great photos of your pets in the comments below!