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5 Dog Myths - Busted!

Call them what you want, but these 5 myths are anything but fact! Some of these sayings about dogs have been around for centuries, but in reality, many are simple myths or bad advice. We have found, and debunked, 5 of the most common myths about your dogs.

Myth #1: Dogs Eat Grass Only If They Are SickIt's true that dogs will often throw up after eating a lot of grass. However, this does not mean they eat the grass to induce vomiting, or that it is somehow a sign of illness. 

Most recent research indicates that quite simply put, dogs just like to eat grass.
If the dog eats too much grass, the grass may cause a minor irritation that could cause vomiting.If the grass is treated with chemicals, only then it could be hazardous to your pet. 

Some vets do believe that dogs will intentionally consume large amounts of grass to induce vomiting if they feel unwell or have consumed something toxic, but this should not be consistent behaviour. 
If grass-eating has led to chronic vomiting in your do…

How to Make Bath Time Less Stressful for You and Your Dog!

We all known a dog who hates baths, the ones who make a break for it and run to hide under the bed the second they hear the water start to run. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make bath time less stressful for your dog — and you! We have come up with 4 tips to help bath time become a worry of the past.

Prepare (A Lot!)A stress free bath time doesn’t happen overnight, let’s be honest. You’ll have to start teaching your fur friend individual behaviours, that when put together, will make bath time successful and more enjoyable for the both of you. Some key tricks that will come in handy during bath time are teaching your dog to jump in and out of the tub; as well as teaching them to stay still while the water is running. Most importantly, you want to teach your dog to not be afraid of water. Doing this in a low-pressure place, like a small lake or a kiddie pool is ideal. This will allow your dog to enjoy the idea of being in the water; making bath time fun.

Exercise before the B…