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Are You a Responsible Dog Owner?

There is much more to being a responsible dog owner than just adoring your dog.

Yes, adoring your dog is obviously important, however there is much more to owning a dog than you may think.

Being a dog owner is a very serious commitment that involves several vital duties.
It is crucial that you pledge to be a responsible pet owner before adopting a dog for you and your pup’s sake.

In addition to meeting your dog’s basic needs, the following are some of the most important rules of conscientious dog ownership. 

Committing for the Long Haul
Once you get a dog, it’s not just like getting a car loan. If your dog plays up, you can’t just go trade them in. Getting a dog is almost comparable to having a new baby. You are 100% responsible for them for the next 15+ years and if anything happens to your dog, it is your duty to help them. 

It is very unfair and cruel to a dog if you decide one year in that you don’t want him or her anymore. Therefore, you must be in it for the long haul from the start.


Signs that Your Pet Is Overweight

Currently, one of the top health concerns in pets is obesity.

Obesity in pets can result in serious health effects, such as reducing the lifespan of your dog or cat, even if they are only moderately obese.

Excess body fat can affect multiple areas of the body, including bones, joints, digestive organs and the organs responsible for breathing capacity. 

It is very important to assess and monitor your pets weight for the health and well being of your pet.

Taking a quick assessment of optimal body weight could be the start to lengthening your dog or cat’s life.

So how do you know if your pet is a little on the heavy side? The following points will help you to assess if your pet is overweight and how you can help them loose or prevent the excess weight.  

Your Pet Has Lost their Figure
When looking at your pet from above, you should be able to see some gentle curves on their back. There should be a gentle dip after their ribs (waist area) with a gradual slope until the base of their tail.

When lo…