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The Best Way To Break Up A Dog Fight

As humans, breaking up a dog fight is something we hope to never have to do. Being a good pet owner, you may have the best behaved and trained pooch around, however not all dogs get along – even the good ones. Instinct is a very powerful thing in animals, so simply telling your dog to ‘stop’ or ‘come here’ nine times out of ten is not going to work. They no longer hear you as their loving loyal owner, but instead their only focus in that very moment is to attack – no matter who it might be at. 

It cannot be stressed enough that you should never, ever reach into the chaos and grab your dog away. This manoeuvre is rather going to leave you injured than breaking up the clash. Instead, there are a two effective techniques that will ensure everyone involved walks away serious-injury free. 
Technique 1: Two-person breakup
This technique will be effective if you have two people who are able to break the fight up together. At the same time each grab a dog’s back legs Raise them up, similar to h…

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