Introducing Seresto - The Longest Lasting Protection From Fleas And Ticks

Seresto isn't like other flea collars. The innovative patented collar matrix in each easy to apply, non-greasy odour free collar, provides 8 months of effective protection against fleas (in cats and dogs) and 4 months protection against all ticks (in dogs only). 9/10 pet parents recommend Seresto as it's effective, fast and easy to use.

Seresto works for your pet:

Fleas don't have to bite to die. Seresto works through contact, killing fleas that can cause painful bites.

Protection against ticks (dogs only). Seresto kills and repels ticks.

Water resistant*. Bath time and swimming aren't off limits.

Seresto works for you:

Less hassle, no mess. Seresto is non-greasy and odor free and helps avoid the hassle of applying monthly topicals.

Easy-to-use. Application of collar is easy. The collar should be worn continuously for the full protection period.

Protection Plus. 8 months against fleas (cats and dogs), 4 months against ticks (dogs only).