Five Places Pets Should Be More Welcome

Canada has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. It is estimated that 57% of Canadian households own pets, that's over 13.8 million cats and dogs! Although people with pets account for over half the Canadian population, there are still many limitations pet owners face in their everyday lives. Here at CanadaVet, we believe pets are family and should be free to join us wherever we go, and in whatever we are doing. Have a read of our top five places we think pets should be more welcome.

1. Work

At CanadaVet HQ our pets are not only our friends, but our co-workers too. We love having our pets at work with us, and believe bringing pets to work improves staff productiveness, reduces stress levels and creates a positive and fun atmosphere for all.

2. All Homes

We understand that people with investment properties have to put a lot of trust in their tenants to take care of their homes. But should it be so difficult for families with pets to find a rental? As long as the home is cared for, and there are no hidden surprises left when inspections come around, why can't our four-legged friends be given a set of keys too?

3. Aeroplanes

It is known that some pets can travel in the cabin area with us on a number of well know airlines including, Air Canada, American Airlines and Delta to name a few. This practice is commonly seen within the country, however if you are travelling far outside the Canadian or U.S boarder, say bye bye for now to your fur friend as they will have to be placed below deck in the cargo hold. Cargo holds can be dark, noisy and they are not as strictly temperature and pressure regulated as the passenger cabin. Your pet is not under constant supervision and there just seems like a lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. Perhaps some more thought could go into creating practices and new regulations that allow pets to travel by our side no matter the distance or destination.  

4. The Beach and Parks

Although there are the few allocated dog beaches and dog friendly parks across the country, these locations are not necessarily convenient or close by for all pet owners to consistently travel to on their routine morning and afternoon walks. It is understood that pet owners face criticism for apparently never picking up their dog's mess or letting their dogs run riot. However, beaches and parks can be covered in everything from general trash and disposable nappies, to discarded food and broken glass bottles. Walking a dog is a time where people can relax, take a break from their busy lives, and bond with their fur friend. We believe this simple task shouldn't be restricted and people should have the freedom to walk their dog wherever they please!

5. Vacations

The more pet-friendly vacations are, the better! Most pets spend every day at home or in a familiar surrounding. And just like us pets probably get sick of seeing the same house/life at times too. Surprisingly, there are more and more hotels and holiday apartments that will allow pets. Many hotel comparison websites now have a 'pet friendly' option to select. Hooray! Now our fur friends can join in on the vacation fun too!

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