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Worms, Worms & More Worms

It’s That Time Again
As we start to enter the cooler months of the year, there are five types of worrisome worms we certainly won’t be warming to; round worms, hookworms, whipworms and heartworms. Dogs can get worms from many different places including food, water and from devouring other animal faeces, ew! Flea infestations and mosquitoes can also bring about worms in dogs. No matter what the cause, dogs and worms will mingle together at some point of their life. So since they are going to meet without even a proper introduction to each other, as a pet owner it’s handy to understand the different types of worms, where they will reside in your furry pal and how you can get rid of them.  

Show Me The Worms!
There are many different types of worm parasites that fall into the ‘roundworms’ category. The most common roundworm is Toxocara canis. These worms feed on partially digested food in the dog’s intestine. Eating worm eggs off the ground or through an infection that is passe…

Do Goldfish Really Have A Three Second Memory?

The answer is…

In fact, goldfish have very good memories and can be trained to respond to various sensory cues such as color, light and music. Goldfish have also proven to remember things they are taught as much as a year later. Researchers have taught goldfish to play fetch, push levers, do the limbo, and even play soccer.
Have you ever noticed a goldfish getting really excited when it’s feeding time? If they are fed around the same time each day, they seem to anticipate the time leading up to feeding, which shows that they have a good sense of time. 
Goldfish also have shown to recognize their master (usually the one who feeds them) and be a lot more active around them. They even sometimes stop considering that person as any sort of threat, including if that person sticks their hand in the tank, however around strangers you may notice goldfish tend to hide away.
How cool!