The Necessity of Cat Boarding Houses

In many cases, it is ideal to care for your cat at home. On the other hand, with the rapid pace of life these days, it is not always a possibility. Now and then a time comes when traveling away from home is necessary. When this happens, having a facility for professional pet boarding becomes necessary. As a matter of fact, it can be the best possible solution to find a secure, safe and dependable pet care facility. Cat boarding homes operate on the concept that cats happen to be creatures that are quite ‘vertical.’ Many cat kennels include a condo with many levels, one for the bathroom, one for the dining and one for the bedroom. In higher quality facilities, the cats are let out to a peaceful area with the freedom to play and come out daily. This area does not have loud noises or barking dogs. It also includes cat towers and other play areas that cats can romp and climb up in.

Check the Facility

If this is the first time you have had to leave your kitten at a facility, it is important that you check this before committing to anything in person. When selecting boarding services for your pet, there are many features to look for. This includes emergency care, air ventilation, food, staff, price and location. There needs to have separate cat and dog areas for boarding and cats need to be provided with comfortable, clean and well-lit compartments. This ensures that your pet can nap and curl up in the daytime without disturbance. Daily play is something you need to ask about as well, and who administers medication if needed. Check to see how varied the menu is and make sure you communicate with the administrator with regard to any special medication your own pet cat happens to have. Let them know if there are special methods you use when feeding or handling your cat, for best results. Make sure that the pet cat boarding house you decide on gives your cat the optimal care that gives value to what you pay for.

Advance Reservations

Advance reservations will help you get a spot and keep your schedule smooth when it is time for you to travel. This is especially true around the holidays when services such as these tend to get filled quickly. Many boarding houses for cats require a forty-eight hour notice for cancellations.

Mark Perry is a dedicated veterinarian for Canada Vet with over 20 years experience. A farm boy born and breed, Dr Perry loves all animals but he has a special place in his heart for working animals, particularly working dogs and horses.