Moving To A New Apartment With Your Pet

Like human beings, most pet dogs or cats are not big fans of change. If they had a change, they would stay settled in where they are comfortable forever. On the other hand, at one point or another, it may be necessary to move them to a new location, such as an apartment. Making this move as stress-free as you can will have great benefits, including less hiding, anxious barking or meowing and making attempts to escape. Preparing for the big move with your pet months in advance will help you do a smooth transition for both you and your pet.

The New Apartment

It can be an exciting change for both your pets and yourself to move to a new apartment. On the other hand, just like the process can be stressful and overwhelming to you, it can feel this way to your pet as well. There are a few things you can do to make the move with your pet as simple and smooth as can be.

Away from Chaos

When the moving men have carried and arranged all the furniture into your new pad, you should not leave your pet in the midst of the chaotic activity. Rather, keep your pet safe and secure in an area that is truly quiet such as the bathroom or in a shaded part of the back yard when the day of moving has come around. On the door of the bathroom, you can hang a sign that says ‘do not disturb’ to increase your pet’s privacy even more.

A New Crate

Whether you are moving with your pet cat or dog, you will want to be sure to introduce your pet gradually to new crates a long time before the actual trip. By doing this, your pet will feel a lot more comfort on the day of the move. A long time before you actually get up and go, leave the carrier out a few weeks before your big move and encourage your pet dog or cat to explore and crawl in. You can even leave a dog treat or catnip inside to encourage your furry pal to get inside it. Make sure the crate is sturdy and well-ventilated especially if your puppy tends to ‘chew.’ When you make the move with a pet cat, you will want to include a small tray for litter in the crate. 

Mark Perry is a dedicated veterinarian for Canada Vet with over 20 years experience. A farm boy born and breed, Dr Perry loves all animals but he has a special place in his heart for working animals, particularly working dogs and horses.