A Pet Costume for Your Pooch

It is that time of year when pets and humans find favorite costumes for various parties. If your pet tends to resist dressing up, you might want to take it slow.  Your pet will need a bit of tender loving care with getting cozy with his brand new outfit and look picture perfect for the party!

A Puppy in Disguise

The fact is that no matter how important it is for your pet to get in costume, it is a good idea to introduce a new outfit slowly. This way, your pet will be acclimated to new clothing before the big bash. One week before your pet’s costume debut, it is a good idea to get him to sniff the costume and get used to the way it smells. Next, put this on your pet before praising and rewarding him with treats. Consider this the dress rehearsal of your pet.

Never Force

When it comes to wearing a costume, it is not a good idea to force your pet to do this. Use a voice that is soothing to get your pet dressed up. Some pets don’t like the process of under the belly or over the head. However, neither should be a giant struggle. If your pooch seems to hate your choice of costume and begins to fight back, don’t force the issue and try again another time.

Take it Off

If at any point during the party, your pet does not seem to be very comfortable, removing the costume would be a good idea. Lavish your pooch with special attention and praise to make him feel extra special. What out for clothes that do not get caught on items

Just For Fun

Once your pet decides it isn’t too uncomfortable to get into costume, you might find that you actually love dressing up your pet for holiday parties, Halloween or just for a fun time at the pet-friendly mall. Some owners of pets may have a big selection of costumes that can even be used for photographing scrapbooks and calendars. It is a good idea to be creative when it comes to pet clothing. To begin with, you might want to consider measuring your pet even before you purchase the costume to ensure that there won’t be any discomfort or tight-fighting, constricting clothes. You might even want to consider outfits of superheroes, aliens or movie characters you love.

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