6 Top Tips for Naming Your Pet Dog

With thousands to even millions of names to choose from, how can you possibly find a pet name for your own puppy and make sure that this is the absolutely perfect one?

One of the methods you can use for creating a short list of pets names for your own furry pal is to begin with the type or kind of pet name you want him or her to have.

One fact that may surprise you is that these days, more than half of all names for pets are either nicknames or names for humans. Largely, people have a tendency to name their pets the way they name a human baby. A portion of pet names is based on the perceived personality or appearance of pets. For example, an active dog is named Dash or Comet and a black puppy becomes Charcoal, Midnight or Blacky.

There are a few things you can keep in mind when going through dog name selection. Keep in mind that you will be calling the name of your pet dozens of time each day to scold, praise or call your pet. For this reason, finding one you love calling out is essential.

Breed Inspiration

Your pet’s heritage or breed may be able to provide inspiration that is useful. For instance Irish Setters or Wolfhounds, Scottish Terriers, French Poodles, German Schnauzers or Dachshunds and Oriental Burmese or Siamese dogs may help you find a name with the same origin as the breed.

Appropriate Names

Your pet will not remain a puppy forever, so finding a name that can grow with your pet is recommended. For instance naming your Saint Bernard “Baby Bernie” may not be appropriate when he becomes a full grown adult dog.

Your Pet’s Behaviour

Once your pet gets home, wait a few days and start observing his or her behavior. The appearance, affectionate tendencies or personality that is apparent may help you decide on the perfect name.

Similar Sounding Words

Find a name that is not too similar sounding to commands you intend your dog to learn. For instance, the name Fletch might be too near the word “fetch.” Avoid names that rhyme with Down, Come, Sit, Stay and No. Dogs may get confused when the commands you are teaching them sound too close to their name.

Limit Funny Names

Deciding on a name that you are happy to call out or that is easy to yell out is recommended. In the park, for example, would you really want to repeatedly call out “Flea Bag” loudly when looking for your pet?

A Few Syllables Works Best

Pets can recognize certain names with ease. When you use a one or two syllable name for your pet, they tend to respond better and recognize it more rapidly.
Nonetheless, keep in mind that naming your pet should be fun and finding the perfect name won’t be too difficult with these tips in mind.

Know more about the author: Mark Perry is a dedicated veterinarian for Canada Vet with over 20 years experience. A farm boy born and breed, Dr Perry loves all animals but he has a special place in his heart for working animals, particularly working dogs and horses.