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Pet Photo Contest Winners 2013!

The team at would like to thank all the pet owners who shared a gorgeous photo of their pet with us in this year's Pet Photo Contest. The contest has run annually for the past six years and 2013 proved pets are just getting cuter! The judges had a very difficult task of selecting the Best Pet Photo (open to all pets); the Best Dog Photo - first place and runner-up; the Best Cat Photo - first place and runner-up. The pet lover community also had their say - by voting for the Most Popular Pet Photo.

The Best Pet Photo has been awarded to an extraordinary shot taken by Kristine Schopp of her beautiful dog Ally. The Golden Retriever is one year old and has lots of personality. She loves snowflakes and licks the snow from her nose.

After much oo-ing and ahh-ing over countless perfect pups - Roxy was named the Best Dog Photo, taken by Glenn Cannizzaro. She had just undergone her first haircut and we think she looks groomed to purr-fection!

We thought Dax was giving us t…

Fight Fleas

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to look after our pet's health and wellbeing - that includes protecting them from parasites. Fleas are the main culprit that cause itching and irritation in our pets. The best way to fight these fleas is to prevent them in the first place! At we believe that monthly flea preventative treatments are your long term answer to beating fleas. Monthly Spot-on Flea Preventative Options It's easy to get lost in the plethora of fleas products available on the market; so at we have created this list of our top 5 most effective topical flea preventatives. These products are spot-on treatments that are applied directly to your pet's coat -where fleas reside. You can use this guide to determine the flea preventative that is most suited to your pet's lifestyle. 
cats, dogs, rabbits & ferrets Advantage has rapid action, killing 100% of your cat or dog's fleas within one hour. It has env…