Easter Tips for Pets

Check out these top easter tips to make sure your pets stay safe during this year's choc fest!

Chocolate kills dogs

While activities such as Easter egg hunts are enticing for both our kids and pets alike it can be a deadly game for animals. Chocolate is toxic to pets, as it contains methylxanthines which are related to caffeine and theobromine, which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.  It can elevate your dog’s heart rate, causing hyperactivity, trembling and seizures.  Typically the darker the chocolate, the greater theobromine it contains and therefore the more poisonous it is for your pet. Whereas, white chocolate contains the least and as such is less poisonous. Chocolate can be fatal to your furry friend if large amounts are ingested. It is important to remember that even sugar substitutes in sugar-free lollies, which can be a healthier option for humans, can still be dangerous for animals. For example, common substitute xylitol may cause blood sugar levels to drop quickly, leading to seizures or liver failure. Traditionally, eggs were hard boiled and the shells were decorated with dyes. It is safe for your pets to ingest a small portion of real chicken eggs, cooked or raw and even their shell, but be careful of coloured dye.

Count the easter eggs and avoid danger

Before beginning the hunt for Easter eggs with the family, ensure you know exactly how many eggs have been hidden. That way you can keep track of the eggs retrieved so a forgotten foil wrapped egg won’t prove fatal for your dog. If you are using an Easter basket to collect the eggs, have a second basket ready to gather the chocolate wrapping. By cleaning up as you go, your pet has no chance of ingesting a stray decoration, at a later date. Decorations such as Easter grass can also be deadly for pets. The stringy embellishments can become twisted and lodged in their intestines, cutting off circulation and often requiring surgery for removal. Coloured tissue paper is a safe alternative.

Treat your pet too!

Don't worry, Easter time is not all bad news for pets! As we treat ourselves to chocolate delights our pets deserve to feel included in the festivities with a delicious pet-friendly treat too. Check out the top pick Easter treat ideas for cats and dogs.

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