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5 Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

It's almost time to let the Christmas celebrations begin! Before you pop open the champagne and start feasting on the Christmas turkey, it is important to make sure your pet is safe from all the festive dangers that surround our beloved animal's this time of the year. Follow the simple tips below to avoid any unwanted disasters this holiday season! A Safe Gift is a Good Gift

Pet owners should be aware of the risks before purchasing their pet any toys this Christmas. There are a number of things to steer clear of when finding that perfect present for your furry friend and although the packaging might suggest the toy is safe, it may in fact cause your pet harm. If you have a pet that likes to chew and tear things then stuffed toys can be dangerous.  If the product has buttons, eyes or other small parts then they will easily become detached and could cause your pet to swallow or choke on them. An obstruction in the intestinal system could end up costing thousands of d…