The $13M Cat - That's the cat's wiskers!

News from Europe is that Tommaso, a four-year-old, one-time stray from Rome is now the world's richest cat after he inherited $13 Million (€10m) last month.
Black Cat Inherits $13 Million
Move over Donald Trump, since the death of his 94-year-old  owner Tommaso  has become a real estate millionaire with homes worth an estimated €10m across Italy.

In a handwritten will, Tommaso's mistress — the childless widow of a successful builder — gave her lawyers the task of identifying "the animal welfare body or association to which to leave the inheritance and the task of looking after the cat Tommaso".

One of the lawyers, Anna Orecchioni, told the Rome daily Il Messaggero they considered several organisations without getting adequate guarantees of the cat's future comfort and welfare. In the meantime, the old lady met a fellow cat-lover – named only as Stefania – in a park. "Sometimes I'd go to her house so my cat could play with Tommaso," Stefania said.

As the old lady became increasingly frail, Stefania, a nurse, began to take care of her.
"She needed someone to help her move around, shower and eat. I looked after until the end," she said.
Under Italian law, animals cannot inherit directly. But they can be beneficiaries if a suitable trustee is found. The elderly widow decided to entrust the cat – and his fortune – to Stefania.

Tommaso's trustee, who is now looking after him an undisclosed address outside Rome, said: "I had no idea the signora had such wealth."

The richest cat was previously thought to be Blackie, who was left £9m by his reclusive British owner in 1988. But the fortune pales by comparison with that of Gunther IV, an Alsatian dog who inherited from his father Gunther III, the pet of a German countess. According to media reports, he is worth around $372m!