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Happy Thanksgiving Pet Lovers

Thanksgiving celebrations have almost arrived once again which means we must take extra care to keep our furry friends safe. With visitors coming and going and all types of foods surrounding the home it is important to keep a close eye on pets to make sure they stay out of trouble and enjoy thanksgiving too. This month's article gives you the top ten thanksgiving tips to make sure you know the do's and don'ts to keep your pet happy during all the festive celebrations!

Festive treats can harm pets
Owners need to be aware of the festive treats that their pets are eating. A number of foods that are found on the table at this time of the year can be very dangerous to our pets. Leftover fat and other various fatty foods can cause pancreatitis, a very serious and occasionally fatal disease.

Bones can be dangerous
Although bones may seem to be a favorite among pets, it is important to keep turkey and ham bones right away. These bones can splinter and become lodged in an animal’s thr…

Teach your puppy simple commands

Teaching your  puppy a few basic commands is an essential part of dog ownership. By using positive reinforcement it's simple to teach a dog basic commands. .
I want to make you happy! A puppy is a great friend because all she wants to do is make you happy. During training reward her good behaviour with pats and cuddles.
How long should training sessions be? Keep puppy training sessions to about 10-15 minutes and start by working on one command at a time. Keep it simple and be patient, persistent and consistent!
The three basic commands “Come” You may need a long lead with this one:
Say the puppy’s name first, to get their attention and then the command, “Come”If your puppy responds and does come, praise him/her and then give them a treatRepeat several timesIf your puppy starts to ignore you, attach the lead and reel the puppy in towards you and again praise and treatAlways use an encouraging tone of voice, because if you use a threatening tone your puppy will prefer to not come to you…

Dog Training Methods to Avoid

Last week we discussed some of the best dog training methods, but we also get asked about what dog training methods should be avoided.

A well trained dog is  happier and safer, but also easier to keep healthy, because he or she will be easier to handle when its time for regular parasite control or a visit to the vet. Unfortunately a poorly trained dog can be a danger to himself and others, so bad dog training techniques should be avoided.

There are various levels of bad dog training, but the worst are those that use physical abuse or punishment. This is both cruel and ineffective, and so you should never allow anyone to try and use these sorts of methods with your dog. The goal of dog obedience training is to establish a positive, loving relationship with your dog so physical punishment is NOT how to do it.

Another dog training method to avoid is having only one person in the household taking responsibility for training the dog, either because they think they should be the only one t…