Food Dogs Should Avoid

Last week we looked at foods that are toxic for cats, and this week we've listed our top 5 foods that dogs should avoid:

5. Nutmeg - affects the nervous system

4. Nuts (particurlary wallnuts) - also affects the nervous system, so nuts and dogs are a big no-no

3. Dairy Products - Dogs are lactose intolerant, always use products specifically for dogs or cats
4. Fat - foods high in fat (such as sausages) cause gut upsets as fats in high quantities can't be digested
1. Zylotol - (sugar replacement sweetener) in even small doses can be highly toxic and must be avoided

As with our list of toxic foods for cats, the above list isn't exhaustive but rather highlights the foods that we often see have caused problems for dogs. If you have any concerns about whether something your dog has eaten is bad for it, consult your vet or pet health professional straight away.


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