Sunday, September 25, 2011

Foods Cats Should Avoid

We're often asked what foods are bad for cats, and there are definitely foods that cats should not eat. Here are our top five common foodstuffs that are toxic for cats:-

5. Chives - Chives are bad for cats. This herb can cause gasto-intestinal problems, so watch out for cats in the herb garden

4. Grapes and raisins- Grapes affect cat's kidneys, so don't be tempted to let your cats eat them (they can cause problems for in dogs too).

3. Zylotol (sugar replacement sweetener) - highly toxic even in small doses so keep out of reach of cats
2. Raw eggs - the egg white contains a high consentrate of Vitamin B which can upset the natural gut bacteria in cats.

1. Liver - Cats can become addicted to liver causing a diet imbalance and Vitamin A toxicity.

This list isn't exhaustive but rather highlights the foods that we often see have caused problems for cats, so  if you have any doubts, consult your vet or pet health professional. Make sure keep harmful foods away from cats and if in doubt, leave it out (of her diet)! If you think your cat may have eaten one of the above products, please contact your vet or pet poisons emergency centre immediately.

Next week: Foods dogs should not eat!

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