Best Dogs to Pick up Girls (and Guys)

Here's a cheeky take on the old technique of using a cute dog to meet members of the opposite sex.

Deborah Wood,  a writer, dog trainer and the pet columnist for the Oregonian came up with the best breeds to have if you want to meet guys or girls at the dog park. Here's Deborah's Doggie Date Bait list.

1. Golden Retriever – Friendly happy dogs with beautiful coats

2. Scruffy Terrier Mix – Small terriers can be some of the cutest dogs in the world.

3. Collie – “Lassie”

4. Afghan Hound – Elegant “Wow” Dogs

5. Labrador Retriever – Most Lovable

6. Pug – Friendly, Happy Comical Dogs

7. Saint Bernard – Big, sweet, lovable stuff animal

8. Tiny Dogs with Big Dog confidence – Confidence attracts

9. Beagle – Just a plain ol’ friendly face

10. Old English Sheepdog – Funny, furry dog which has to be hugged.

Wood also suggests some dogs that are less likely to do the trick at getting that cute girl or guy's attention:
1. Yapping little dogs

2. Dogs with elaborate hairdos

3. Chinese Crested - Consistant Winner of the Ugliest Dog Contest

Of course, both these lists are just a bit of fun, and we all know that dog lovers, just like dogs, love dogs of all shapes and sizes.