Top 5 Cat Myths Exploded

There are literally hundreds of million cat lovers world wide (there are more than 60 million cat households in the USA alone!) but it appears that there are still many cat myths and feline misconceptions out there as well. Our vets explore the 5 most common cat myths and answer your questions.

"Can Cats See In The Dark?"

A cat has vertical pupils that expand to let him see in near darkness and about thirty whiskers which help him find his way around at night, even in strange surroundings, but no, he can't actually see in the dark.

"Will a Cat Always land on its Feet?"

Cats are one of the most agile, surefooted, graceful animals in the world, but its not safe to say they "always" land on their feet. Some cats end up with broken bones even from short falls, especially when they are kittens.

"Does the term "Fraidy Cat" mean all cats are cowards?"
Most certainly not. There are many stories of cats scaring away poisonous reptiles, scorpions, and other unpleasant wild animals. Most cats will take on danger to protect itself or its family.

"Cats aren't as clever as dogs, right?"
Wrong!  Research has shown that cats can open doors, lift latches, leap many times their own length over walls. It appears that most cats simply don't have the temprement to be trained to do tricks like dogs and other pets often are.

"But Cat's are not affectionate!?"
That's another mistruth. A person who thinks a cat is an unloving animal has probably never held one on his lap. However, a cat’s affection does appear more subtle and each cat varies in the amount of affection he wishes to put forth, and in the ways he wishes to show it.