Cost of Owning Dogs and Cats

According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Assocation, the basic annual pet ownership expenses for dog and cat owners is increasing.

The results from the survey for dogs show that the cost of surgical vet visits averages $532 and for routine vet visits its $255. For cats, the cost of vet visits is lower at $278 for surgical vet visits and $203 for routine vet visits.

When it comes to pet nutrition, the average pet owner is spending  $229 a year for food for his dog and $203 for his cat, $64 for dog treats and $37 for cat food treats, and many are also turning to vitamins for their pets spending on average $61 per dog and $28 per cat.
Other significant pet expenses include groomers and grooming aids ($66 for dogs and  $22 for cats) and toys ($40 for dogs,  $19 for cats).

Of course, while the costs of pet ownership do add up, there is no doubt that so do the benefits! And of course, you can save heaps by shopping for pet products online :)