Sharing the Community Spirit

At we have a lot to be greatful for, and one of the things we are most greatful for is how much "stuff" we have. And of course, as we move in to the gift giving season, we will be getting even more "stuff" from friends and family.

A few years ago, we decided that instead of some of the "stuff" we'd be giving during the holidays, we'd give a different sort of gift, and make a donation to a needy cause in the name of our staff and customers, and this year we've done the same, donating a stable of animals to a needy village in Africa in the name of, our customers and staff through World Vision.

World Vision does great work in communities throught the world, and in particular, giving a "hand up rather than a hand out". To read about the great work World Vision does, you can visit their website.


  1. Good job! There is another organization like this "Heifer International". A gift of 15 pairs of animals "A Gift Ark" is $5000. I really appreciate the sevice I get from you guys and also am happy to see the charitable gift you gave this holiday season.


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