Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Q & A - Out of Control Kitty

While CanadaVet can't give specific veterinary advice, from time to time we will post a Q&A on our blog where we think the information is of general interest to readers.

Q. Our 8 month old, spayed female kitten is very active. She jumps and dashes around the house most of the day and half the night. She is also very verbal and chew of everything. Could she have a dietary problem?

A. Almost all cats complete their teething by 7 months of age, so we assume your cat has too.

The behaviors you describe are typical of a very active, maturing kitten and are usually nothing to be concerned about.

For such a kitten you should make sure you have her on a diet of canned or dreit food with a high protein content, and consider a fiber supplement or growing cat grass for her.

We doubt she has a specific dieteary deficiency. The chewing is likely to be attention seeking behavior, so make sure she has plenty of attention from you each day, and lots of cat appropriate toys when she's alone.

You might also want to consider taking her out for a walk on a leash. if she'll tolerate it. In extreme cases of over activity, you may wish to consider a calming remedy like Vetalogica Tranquil Formula.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Results Are In!

Our CanadaVet Pet Names Poll has come to a close and we can now reveal the most popular (and most unusual) pet names that our customers have given their furry companions. Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun community poll.

Top 10 Pet Names

1. Max
2. Maggie
3. Jake
4. Lucy
5. Gracie
6. Molly
7. Jasmine
8. Shadow
9. Daisy
10. Millie

Top 5 Dog Names

1. Maggie
2. Max
3. Lucy
4. Gracie
5. Jake

Top 5 Cat Names

1. Max
2. Remy
3. Willie
4. Harry
5. Sophie

Most Unusual Pet Names

Baron Von Maxwell Mose (Dog)
Bear (Dog)
Beauregard (Dog)
Casanova (Cat)
Cashew - cuz he's nuts! (Dog)
Chance (Dog)
Chunkey Monkey (Dog)
Erick the Red (Cat)
Itsy Bitsy Mae (Dog)
Kitkat (Cat)
Lil Wayne (Dog)
Margarita Tequella Culupa (Dog)
Mi Chiquta Babino (Dog)
Ms. Cluck Cluck (Bird)
Pharaoh (Cat)
Pigeon (Cat)
Pixel (Cat)
Prince Charleston II (Dog)
Promise (Cat)
Red Magic (Dog)
Roosevelt (Cat)
Shiloh (Horse)
Sir Dewar's 12-yr Old Scotch (Dog)
Sir Dunhill Henry (Dog)
Slick Fifty (Dog)
Stranger (Cat)
Tommy Underpants (Cat)
Tutankhamen (Cat)
ZsaZsa (Dog)

So what is in a name?

Pet owners are moving beyond Fido and Fluffy and giving animals the same names as humans. With nine out of 10 of the top pet names being human names, it's clear that more people are thinking of their pets as a substitute child or another member of the family, rather than just a pet.

This growing trend reflects a stronger bond between humans and their pets and represents a major sociological change in the way we view them and their roles.

A hundred years ago, the relationship with our pets was a more utilitarian one. A dog was considered a tool for guarding a house or herding sheep and slept outside or in the shed. Nowadays, they’re more likely to share our beds and have their own Facebook page.

Our growing attachment to our pets may reflect the fact that as we face increasingly hectic lifestyles, we are turning to them more for companionship and unconditional love, while some people are simply now choosing pets over children.

Some not so common pet names found in the poll include Tommy Underpants, Ms. Cluck Cluck and Sir Dewar's 12-yr Old Scotch.

When choosing a name for your pet, we always recommend that you pick one that’s both easy to call out and one that you are happy calling out.

Calling out Max or Maggie in a park may be far less embarrassing than calling out Tommy Underpants, Ms. Cluck Cluck or Sir Dewar's 12-yr Old Scotch!

With that said, we all enjoy a good chuckle and I must admit that these more unusual names did bring a smile to the faces of our team here at CanadaVet.