How to Throw a Party for Your Dog - Part 1

Most dogs love a party, so don't be shy holding a birthday party for your dog. In this, the first of a two part article on how to hold a dog birthday party, we take a look at the "essentials" you need ot sart thinking about.

  • What Theme - you have heaps of choices, but many people like dressing their pets in outfits, so how about a "glamour", "super hero" or "international" themes?

  • Who to invite - try to invite dogs that are well socialised and your dog has met before. Also consider the size of the dogs you're inviting - its always best to try and keep to dogs of a similar size to the birthday boy or girl.

  • Party location - An ideal place will have lots of grass and of course be well fenced. You might have the perfect backyard, but otherwise consider your nearest dog friendly park or leash off area. A dog-friendly beach is another good option.

  • What time - remember to keep out of the heat of the day, but too close to evening can make it hard to keep track of the party guests as it gets dark. Mid morning or mid afternoon is ideal.

  • The invitiations - the sky is the limit, but if you're stuck for ideas, white cardboard cut out in a bone shape is a perenial favorite.

  • Doggie Treat bags - A nice way to end the day is to send doggy guests home with a bag of dog treats. A ready to eat, pre-packaged dog bone or bunch of treats is a nice momento.
Now that we've given you enough to start planning, make sure you visit again soon, because in part 2, we will look at some what you'll need on the day and also give you some ideas for some great doggie party games.